Human-led strategy. 

Hearts & minds connected to make your transformation stick.

How we work

Our work is convention-busting. We design strategy for leaders and companies who need to make transformation happen. We help clients envision what success looks like and feels like, find the fuel in their culture to supercharge their efforts and develop strategies that are purpose-led and speak to both the hearts and minds of your people.  We know that’s what makes transformation stick.

Our work focuses on leading transformation. We help organizations manage and embrace disruption, build out innovation, learn resilience, story tell for change and activate purpose.

We work with leaders in a few ways. Our advisory work involves a series of one-on-one sessions with CEOs formulating transformation strategy that inspires and activates their organizations. Our popular strategy lab sessions work with teams to go from “why” to a plan in as little as 2 days. And our deeper transformation assignments assess an organization’s desire to make a big leap with where you are at today and design strategies that get you there.  

Through it all, we ask not what, but why? We take the time to get to know you and the transformation impact you want to make as a leader and as an organization.

Our approach

We ask not what, but why? Your why is inspirational. It enables your organization to transform. Your why builds a collective ambition for your team as you progress towards success.

We work closely with you to understand your goals and desire to transform. We show you how a human-led transformation strategy taps into hearts and minds, takes your people with you and supercharges impact.

We help you define what winning looks like and feels like, how much time you have and priorities to make your transformation stick. The key? We work backwards from your impact to where you are today, not the other way around.

We’ll assess your transformation ‘win’ with where your organization is today. We’ll look for the fuel in your culture and operations that take you there faster and the obstacles holding you back.

We’ll help you develop a strategy that delivers impact and is biased to immediate action. You’ll have a team that is reignited, aligned and confident to participate so that your transformation sticks.