We are human

Lale Kesebi is Founder & CEO of human at work.  She is a sought-after strategist, transformation expert, innovator and keynote speaker.  As a seasoned global executive with over 20 years experience leading teams in over 40 countries, she's passionate about crafting strategies that inspire change in organizations.


We believe in purpose

Karen Seymour is Chief Purpose Officer.  She is a movement-maker and influencer, collaborating and connecting people to big ideas that lead to big impact. Karen has built a career spanning 25 years as an agile and entrepreneurial leader in financial services, wellness, media, supply chain and philanthropy.  She has forged strong partnerships and community impact for decades, where purpose has played centre stage in building action for a better world.


We are innovators

Yi Hoo Ong is Chief Innovation Officer.  As a start-up supercharger and corporate innovation sherpa he is passionate about unlocking value at the intersection which marries the speed of exponential start-ups with the scale and resources of large corporations.  Yi Hoo has spent the last 15 years leading global operations, working with start-ups and building out corporate innovation teams, across areas as diverse as food, supply chain, compliance and sustainability strategy.


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