Meet Yi Hoo Ong, our new Chief Innovation Officer

For immediate release. May 8, 2019 -- Hong Kong

We are excited to announce the appointment of Yi Hoo Ong as Chief Innovation Officer to lead our innovation practice, helping CEOs and their teams create high performance organizations. Yi Hoo’s focus will be to launch the new innovator-in-residence program designed to supercharge start-ups to scale and compete quickly. As a seasoned corporate innovation sherpa, he’ll also guide established companies to discover radically new futures with uncommon partners.

Yi Hoo has spent the last 15 years leading global operations, working with start-ups and building out corporate innovation teams in over 40 countries, across areas as diverse as food, supply chain, compliance and sustainability strategy. He’s tremendously skilled at harnessing ideas throughout organizations regardless of where they are at in their innovation journey.

Yi Hoo’s addition to our team deepens our mission to help CEOs and their teams create awesome companies by collaborating openly and unleashing the innovator that exists in everyone. He uniquely understands and excels at identifying and unlocking value at the intersection which marries the speed of exponential start-ups with the scale and resources of large corporations.

At human at work, we understand environments of accelerating change and disruption for both start-ups and corporates, and why speed of innovation is now more critical for a transformation than just innovating. We see the best organizations intentionally fuel culture and strategies that tap the expertise of their entire team and collaborate much more extensively outside their four walls.

Yi Hoo puts it this way, “Innovation isn’t about dedicated teams working on secret projects. It requires an entire company, regardless of size, to commit to speed and collaboration. That’s the currency of innovation today. Start-ups need experienced in-residence help to blitz growth. Corporates have enviable scale and resources but they need help to move fast and look outside their four-walls for solutions from uncommon partners who are capable of solving for a radical new future of growth. There’s never been a better time to launch this innovation practice for companies looking to maximize their resources and expertise and for start-ups to scale novel new opportunities exponentially. I’m super excited about doing all of that at human at work.”

We can’t wait to see what gets created here.

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