Meet Oktay Kesebi, Chief Disruptor

For immediate release. September 25, 2020-- Hong Kong 

We are excited to announce the appointment of Oktay Kesebi as Chief Disruptor at Human at Work. A seasoned strategist in multiple domains, Oktay will be instrumental in leading the development of human at work’s transformation platform and toolsets engaging and guiding leaders and teams globally to create and scale a new vision for work 2.0. 

Oktay has spent the last two decades as a marketing and innovation strategist, helping global companies reframe their market challenges and pivot into new and profitable opportunities. He has well-honed skills in marketing, strategy, design thinking, product design and development and corporate training earned in organizations in flux seeking to transform themselves into indisputable market leaders. Oktay’s work has spanned industries and verticals including tech, finance, education and entertainment from start-ups to Fortune 100 organizations. 

Oktay is passionate about helping organizations reignite their potential by helping them rethink their go-to strategic approaches. He is a natural addition and asset to the team— he believes in unlocking the power of brand and purpose, embracing the collective creative intelligence of organizations and marrying it to disruption-led thinking to free companies so that they scale rapidly. 

At human at work, we understand that organizational transformation begins with purpose-led disruptive thinking. Our work embraces unconventional approaches so that organizations seeking transformation can achieve their full potential. 

Oktay’s passion for disrupting the status quo and transformation is clear: “Organizations that embrace and build disruption into their DNA every day become strategy doers as opposed to strategy thinkers. Helping businesses scale their efforts by embracing disruption is the work I love being a part of. I am so excited to join the human at work team, a highly impactful and convention-busting group where purpose, unleashed creativity and organizational transformation converges and flourishes everyday.”

We’re excited to see what kind of convention-busting we can get up to together. 

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